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Adi Avidani is an Educational Practitioner, with more than 6 years of experience working with children between the ages of 3-18. 

Her academic specialty is working with children with Learning Disabilities and specifically language impairments. Adi also works at the Centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy, at the IOE of University College London, as a research assistant, while working on her Master of Arts, in Special and Inclusive Education. 

Adi's work within the Special Education community encouraged her to see every child as a unique individual, with his own preferred communication style and creative drive. She applies these insights into her work with all children.


Adi believes that encouraging a child to create is healthy and empowering, and that through art, children can improve their ability to express their uniqueness.

In her studio, she aspires to create a safe environment in which every child can feel secure to create and learn, regardless of challenges they may be facing. 

Adi feels privileged to work with children and is eager to​ see them express themselves and grow as people and artists.

In the studio, participants will learn how to work with clay, watercolors and other forms of art, as well as unconventional materials. Each method will represent a theme in the weekly curriculum, suited to the different age groups.

Apart from her educational work Adi is also a practising artist and potter. Her ceramics can be found in Kiln, and together with her partner they make AI generated art.

What are we going to do? 

In each session every child will have the opportunity to choose which medium they will be interested to explore and work with. This could be a result of a colour stimulus or a personal passion. 

After choosing the material, each child will start their own exploration and discovery, which is when Adi will be present most, to guide them, deepen their knowledge of the material and help improve their technique. The emphasis, however, will be on doing art, rather than learning the academic skills (which will occur in an indirect way). Experience in working with different materials and understanding of their properties is crucial for future growth as artists, which is why Adi encourages children to work and experiment with different materials.


Adi takes safety very seriously which is why our sessions take place at Rowan, a space designed for use by disabled individuals. Rowan provides a safe space for children to work in. Adi follows a strict health and safety policy and always has a paediatrics first aid giver on site. Adi is trained by the British Red Cross

The Art Club is fully insured. 

Access to the studio 

Riverside car park, just a few minutes walk from our studio.

You can book your parking spot in advance here

There are bike racks in the front entrance.